Cat Fish Production

CATFISH PRODUCTION- Catfish farming is a viable agribusiness venture with different means of creating employment opportunities and income generation. Participants will learn how to construct/set up catfish ponds and make money from sales of fresh or processed catfish products.

Training on Snail production at your convenient Zone

SNAIL PRODUCTION- Snail has a huge market demand due to it’s unique taste and nutrition value. It is also possible to produce 1,000,000 snails worth more than N5 million twice a year. In this course, you will learn how to make millions from snail, construct pens, management, processing and marketing of snails.

Cattle Rearing and Milk Production

CATTLE REARING/RANCHING; Cattle rearing is a very lucrative business. You can make money from every part of cattle (meat, milk, hide, cheese, etc).We offer a complete guild on how to ranch and rear cattle at the convenience of your environment.

Sheep and Goat Rearing

SHEEP AND GOAT REARING; Goat meat is very popular throughout the country and has a great demand in the local restaurants, hotels and the head sells like hot cake in catteries. It can be reared with ease and be a source of extra cash for everyone. We will teach you how.

Egg production at it’s best

POULTRY PRODUCTION;The poultry industry is the most commercialized and fastest expanding segment in the animal husbandry subsector with a lot of money making opportunities.We offer participants a complete guide on production, processing and marketing of broilers, turkey and layer birds.

Poultry Farming

LAYER/EGG PRODUCTION- You can make a living by producing and selling eggs everyday. There is a huge opportunity in layer/egg production. In this manual, you will learn all you need to become a successful egg producer.

Training on Poultry farming for maxima productivity

BROILER PRODUCTION; Broiler chicken is a business for every household in Africa. It is a major source of income and can be reared conveniently. It also reaches market weight of about 1.5-3.0kg at 6-8 weeks which makes its turnover faster.

Turkey production with ease

TURKEY PRODUCTION; With the imposed ban on importation in Nigeria, young farmers now venture into the production of turkey. It has great potentials in the supply of good quality animal protein and high rate of turnover of investment.

Grass Cutter Rearing

GRASSCUTTER PRODUCTION; Do you know grasscutter farming can make you at least N3million per year? Grasscutter reproduces very quickly and in good numbers too. This manual will teach you all you need to make millions annually from grasscutter farming.

Cassava production for economic development and foreign exchange

CASSAVA CULTIVATION;Cassava is cultivated in around 40 African countriesand it is very profitable as a wide range of products can be gotten from processed cassava. In this manual we guide you on making money through cassava farming, processing and marketing.

Maize Cultivation

MAIZE CULTIVATION; Maize farming is one of the most viable agricultural business ideas in Africa, including Nigeria. It is consumed in various forms and feeds over 500 million Africans yearly.We will guide you on how to make corn farming lucrative and meet the needs of millions of consumers in Africa.

Vegetable (Ugu) Farming

VEGETABLE (UGU)FARMING; There are different types of vegetables used in preparing soups and other delicacies in Africa. In this manual, we will guide you on how best to utilize your farm and make millions from vegetables like ugu, waterleaf, bitterleaf, green leaf, etc.

Tomato Cultivation

TOMATO CULTIVATION; Tomato is one of the major food crops consumed in Africa. It is a cheap and affordable source of vitamins A and E. Tomato farming a very lucrative venture for any entrepreneur. This manual will guide you on best practices to make your farming a success.

Pepper Cultivation

PEPPER CULTIVATION; There is high demand for pepper locally with a lot of export potentials. This makes pepper farming very lucrative. We offer practical knowledge on cultivating pepper.

Rice Cultivation

RICE CULTIVATION; Rice has become one of the most important foods in the country, consumed by both the wealthy and the poor. In this manual, individuals and companies will learn all it takes to produce and process rice for consumption.

Beans Production

BEANS PRODUCTION; No culture or religion that forbids beans in Nigeria and it can be prepared in so many forms, making it one of the most versatile food staple in Nigeria. When you engage in the farming of food that is highly in demand as beans, you are sure of creating wealth.

Farm Farming

YAM FARMING; Tuber crops are massively consumed in Africa. This manual contains all we need to know on how to cultivate tuber crops like yams and potatoes and making millions from it.

Pig Farming

PIG FARMING; Pig farming is a very lucrative agricultural business in Nigeria but sadly, only a few Nigerians know about this trade. The initial investment required to start a pig farm is small compared to the huge profit you will enjoy later. We will teach participants how to rear pigs with ease and make money.

Honey Bee Farming

HONEY BEE FARMING; Bee farming is a profitable venture, which you can set up with less than one hundred and fifty thousand naira, without additional costs thereafter. Why is this so? Well! The bees do not require daily care and you would not need labor until harvest and processing period. Let’s teach you how.

Palm Oil Production

PALM OIL PRODUCTION; Palm oil is required to prepare almost all Nigerian delicacies, thus, there is a high demand for palm oil all year round.We will teach you how to produce, process and market your palm oil to make money everyday.

POTATO (SWEET AND IRISH) FARMING; Potato is the 4th most popular food crop in the world and it has a variety of uses. It is widely consumed can be a souce of income to anyone who ventures into it. We will teach you how.

Banana and Plantain Cultivation

PLANTAIN AND BANANA; plantain and banana are widely consumed in the country. Plantain can be fried or boiled and also processed into chips, flour which can be exported. It is a goldmine and we can set you on track to empower yourself today.