Our reach is unlimited. We are visible in every corner with projects that are viable in all parts of Africa. Our team of researchers are constantly tasked to develop and improve on strategies that will boost agricultural production in all parts of Africa. Every Country and State has its uniqueness in terms of what agricultural product can be produced, where the crop is fertile and favourable for crop production, farmers will be educated on crop production, harvesting, processing and marketing techniques while where the lands are deteriorated, animal husbandry or catfish production will be encouraged. We intend to also reach households in urban areas and teach them on how to generate income through urban/backyard farming. Our online trainings are developed as self-paced downloadable learning packages designed to serve as e-extension agents and on-farm guide with less interference on work and daily activities of the participants.
Feedbacks and monitoring also play an important role in our organization. Extension agents are tasked to carry out follow-ups in order to share on-farm experiences needed for formulation/improvement of our projects.