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About Us

Our drive

Adequate investments and youthful presence in agriculture can serve as an antidote to cub some of the challenges faced in the country today and bring massive socioeconomic development to Africa. Through youth empowerment initiatives and participation in agribusiness enterprises, Africa can; end poverty, empower women and girls, ensure healthier products and nutrition, create employment, sustain economic growth and be self-sufficient in food production. It will also create income amongst households and increase foreign exchange


There is a wide deficit in Agricultural production in Africa despite its vast fertile lands as well as its vibrant workforce and growing population. Over the years, different Governments have formulated policies to improve agricultural productivity in Africa but efforts have made little or no impact to boost food production.
Revolution Agro-Project (REAP), Africa Initiatives was founded to fill this gap in Africa. We are committed to instigate an Agricultural Revolution by training, empowering and mentoring a new generation of innovative farmers in Africa. Our work is built on the premise that the time for a transformation in the Agricultural sector is inevitable. Our team is made up of young dedicated and goal driven minds who have acquired adequate knowledge academically as well as through experience on agricultural production techniques, processing, marketing and policy making. Driven by our mission, we are constantly expanding our reach and improving on our programs aimed at making agriculture more attractive to youths and household in Africa.



REAP AFRICA INITIATIVE  is a duly registered Non-Governmental Organization which focuses on human capacity building and youth empowerment initiative. Our mandate is to train and empower a new crop of entrepreneurs and agribusiness managers in Africa. The concept of REAP AFRICA INITIATIVE was borne and trademarked by Animal Mart Enterprises Ltd in 2016 as a vehicle to develop entrepreneurial skills in youths across Africa.

Over the last 4 years, we have successfully trained and empowered more than 1,000,000 individuals /SME'S in various business enterprises Development initiatives. We achieved this feat by building partnership with various reputable organization such as the National Youth Service Corps(NYSC) through the NYSC skill acquisition and entrepreneurial development (SAED), SMEDAN, organized seminars, training of staff for private companies and recently got accredited as a NIRSALAGSMEIS Enterprise Development institute (EDI) to facilitate loans for small businesses.

Our training package are broken into modules and centered on developing the right skills to build an entrepreneurial spirit amongst youth/household across Africa. 

The REAP AFRICA INITIATIVE concept metamorphosed into a duly registered non-governmental organization in march 2020 and since then, we have been steadfast and progressive in ensuring that we reach and empower more youth by building capacity to encourage them to be self-reliant..