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Reap Africa initiative

Project Komanoma (Back-To-Agro)

Agriculture is considered a catalyst for the overall development of any nation. It is thus a critical sector that drives the economic development and industrialization of the developing nation, and also holds the ace for reducing unemployment. 

PROJECT KOMANOMA means BACK-TO-AGRO is aimed at empowering and mentoring 50,000 unemployed and employed youths, men and women households and retirees annually. Under this initiative, participants will be empowered with professional training on production, processing and marketing of up to 30 agricultural products for FREE.

Youth Revolution through Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Production (Y - REAP)

CBN/Nirsal Agsmeis loan

Access up to 10 million naira collateral free loans for funding your business or business idea through the CBN/NIRSAL AGSMEIS LOAN SCHEME by the federal Government of Nigeria.

Widows Reap

The phenomenon of widowhood is attributed to death of a husband which causes are varied. In contemporary societies like Nigeria, the first notable variety of death worth considering due to its profound and immediate impact on widowhood in terms of creating many widows at a given time is war or armed conflict.

Petty Trader Cash


A lot of women engage in petty trade business in order to meet their daily household needs. Some engage in trading of consumables, vegetables, perishables, kola nut, pure water hawking etc. A little token can go a long way to uplift and make living better for these petty traders. PETTY TRADER CASH (PTC) is a brain child of REAP AFRICA INITIATIVE designed to support market women and small businesses in Nigeria. Beneficiaries will be selected from different parts of the country for soft loans of N50,000 to N100,000 to boost their trade and make life more meaningful.